Unforgettable and authentic Istrian experience!

Marezige is a boutique treasure trove
that hides many authentic local providers

We have prepared special experiences for you through which you will get to know
the natural and cultural heritage of Marezige and Slovenian Istria.
Of course, you will also taste delicious cuisine and sample top-quality local wines.

Wine tastings

Just the name 'Land of Refosco' reveals what defines the mission of our region the most - refosco. In the vicinity of the village, you can experience guided tours of wineries, vineyards and taste top-quality local wines such as refosco, malvasia, sweet muscat, and much more.

Oil tastings

In addition to wine, olive oil is the local product that Istrians are most proud of. Visit the surrounding olive groves where you will learn all the secrets of olive growing, taste top-quality extra virgin olive oil and simply indulge in the perfect Istrian experience.

Cycling and

Go hiking or cycling on an electric bike through vineyards, forests, meadows and olive groves, and enjoy the beauties of the magnificent Istrian countryside. The route always starts at the cycling point in Marezige.

Truffle hunting

Learn the art of truffle hunting with an experienced truffle hunter and his dogs. Find the so-called "Istrian gold" and experience an unforgettable adventure in the untouched Istrian nature.

Horseback riding

Is there a better way to discover the beauty of the Istrian countryside than by riding through local vineyards? Our trained guides lead individual hikes, with riding available for both experienced and novice riders.

Olive harvesting

Autumn in Istria is always dedicated to olive harvesting. Discover traditional methods of olive picking and try freshly pressed organic extra virgin olive oil.

Grape harvesting

Interested in the winemaking process? There's no better place to start than in the heart of our vineyards, where you will learn about proper grape harvesting techniques.